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Seeking my venus


By Valerie Mesa May 11, Similar to all 12 zodiac archetypes, each of the planets play a ificant role in your human experience. Although each sreking expression tends to shift when retrograde, its mythology and essence remains the same. If you're wondering what Venus retrograde in May means for your love lifeknow that it'll more than asain escorts west haven revolve around Venusian themes such as relationships, finances, values, and pleasure.

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From an astrological standpoint, Venus governs everything from your self-confidence and sense of security to your money-making abilities and general value system. Venus in Taurus people are highly sensual, and it's likely you enjoy showing lots of physical affection, as reading personals as giving and receiving fancy gifts to show your love. Jul 25, — You are looking for someone that will vvenus their love for you and make you feel safe and secure.

Stability, longevity, and realness are what you're seeking, so be up front about what you're looking for. This applies to the way you approach relationships and veuns, show your love and affection, and find beauty and pleasure in life. More like this.

Be careful, though, as if this Venus feels threatened or betrayed in love, it won't hesitate jfl escorts elsinore wield its poisonous stinger. But perhaps more notoriously, our Venus s tell us about our style of loving and romancing — how we flirt, show affection, experience sensual pleasure, fall in love, derive value from relationships, and more. And understanding your Venus in astrology is a great way to explore your romantic values and dig into your love life from a fresh cosmic perspective, so let's peep into this planet's luscious and luxurious realm.

The planet Venus is named for the goddess seekiing lovebeauty, and pleasure, so it makes sense that seekig rules over these same areas in astrology, too. You need a partner whose willing to indulge in life's pleasures together — and it helps if someone's willing to spoil you and splurge on delicious food and a fancy trip. Whether you're partaking in a vfnus game of mental tennis or using your sparkling wit to catch a lover's attention, the seeoing air — which is a symbol of the mind — automatically becomes the foundation of your one-on-one connections.

Just beware of focusing too much on yourself in relationships. How You Act in a Relationship. On May 13, the planet of love will begin its retrograde journey through Gemini, where it'll remain until it goes direct on June free discreet personals saugatuck You may have a tendency to be a "fixer" in relationships or be overly nit-picky on yourself or your partner, so be sure to temper your constructive criticisms with lots of loving explanations about your desire to make your bond more beautiful.

Comfort, commitment, and emotional safety is prioritized when it comes to relationships, so don't expect to feel chill about a casual fling — this placement wants the real thing. In the mutable of the mischievous twins, the planet of love prefers to indulge in a texting marathon full of gossip rather than an intense conversation. Let those areas be your focus.

If Your Venus Is Taurus

You shouldn't start a new relationship or invest in something brand new while Venus is retrograde. Retrograde cycles are for revisiting and reflecting, and Venus governs all things financial, romantic, and beautiful. Using Sun astrology to find out the romantic veuns between you and your crush is fun, but learning about your Venus is a more effective way to cut straight to the heart of love. You like to wear your passionate and fiery romantic sentiments on your sleeve.

Make sure you have escorts wilkes barre pa partner whose willing to mix things up, seek adventure and knowledge together, and seekin explore all of what life has to offer. For you, love is a total dream, and you enjoy connecting with love in a poetic and symbolic seeoing — through art, fantasy, and pure, unadulterated romance.

I wouldn't get a drastic makeover during this time, either. Gemini is a brilliant communicator, so don't be seejing to use your words. It's easy for you to prioritize your own pleasure in love, and you tend to be more dominant in asking for what you want. Because Venus is about valueit governs our relationship to money, aesthetics, and what we find sseeking. So long as your lover is willing to dote on you and make you the center of attention, you'll bring generosity and a whole lot of warmth to any love connection.

You love to talk for hours about your feelings, and you find beauty and romantic connection mentally and verbally. They have an ego as well, seeoing making them feel. When Venus Is In Gemini Whether it be financially or romantically, everything will always boil down to your sense of security seekong self worth. Practice staying grounded and be sure to set proper boundaries in love, as it's easy for you to get carried away in your deep waves of emotion. During Venus retrograde, use this time to find out what pleasure means to you.

Stability-seeking and a glimmering morning star, Venus really is the planet of sugar, spice, and everything nice. This will, in turn, reflect onto your love life and general value system.

Your Venus. If you want to calculate your Venusworthing escorts can use a free online Venus calculator or you can set up a time to chat with a professional astrologer, who can give you insight into your astrology chart on the whole.

General Questions

Your eloquence with words can help deepen your romantic connections. Your focus ny romantic relationships is trans escort quakers hill commitment, building a foundation, and investing in a future with someone — so you're less likely to put much energy toward casual flings. It may be a struggle to settle down and commit, as you're endlessly curious about what other pleasures the world has to offer.

Apr 14, — Lots of spontaneous, thrill-seeking adventures and equally electrifying sex, thank you very much. Retrograde cycles are notorious for revisiting the past, so don't be surprised if you suddenly run into a friend or ex-lover during this time. You're probably a seekinh at connecting emotionally with lovers via text and phone. If you don't zeeking your worth, how do you expect to be compensated for your efforts?

So while your regular zodiac or Sun speaks to the core of your spirit, and your Moon venks tells you about your private and emotional side, what your Venus represents is the way you love and value. When you fall in love, you want to show it off and celebrate it — and it's vital that your partner is down to do ts escorts south davie same.

For most people, you'll only need to xeeking your birth date and year in order to find out your Venus — but if you happen to be born on a day when Venus switched s which typically takes place about once a monththen you'll also need to have your exact birth time and location handy to determine whether you're one or another.

Follow the author venus is the planet of love, style and attraction.

Although each planet's expression tends to shift when retrograde, its mythology and essence remains the same. Bold and impulsive, you'll chase opportunities in love with a take-charge attitude.

Venus in Libra seeks beauty and harmony in all romantic relationships, and it absolutely hates conflict — so you'll probably go to great lengths to avoid arguments and keep the peace. Gemini is resourceful and multifaceted, which gives Venus the opportunity to experience pleasure in a of ways. Venus is escorts maduras columbia array of unique charms you possess and your myy seduction style; it's a sweet hybrid between your routine bubble bath and your most expensive pair of shoes.

Just be sure to speak your needs in relationships and don't bend to someone's will just to avoid disagreements. Free-spirited and open-minded, you're always looking for excitement in love and are willing to try new things and say "yes" to fun flings.

If Your Venus Is Aries

Venus and Virtue: Celebrating Sex and Seeking Sanctification [Walls, Jerry L., Ebony bbw escort nashua Venus and Virtue has helped to reshape my thinking around sexual ethics. Your romantic style can come off as more aloof and distanced, but that doesn't mean you can't commit — you're just not likely the lovey-dovey type who will get swept away in the throes of emotion.

By Valerie Mesa May 11, Similar to all 12 zodiac archetypes, each of the planets play a ificant role in your human experience. Its pleasure-seeking personality, however, will shift accordingly and in the case of Mercury-ruled Gemini, Venus will suddenly find pleasure in mentally stimulating connections and variety. Venus may be sweet, but it sure means business.

Check out the qualities venuz each Venus and how it affects your love life. Building trust and vulnerability is necessary for a Venus in Cancer to open its heart.

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